Archaeology Model

How can architectural models explore multi-dimensional narratives of space and time?

Architectural language is our tool of investigation and in this collaboration and knowledge exchange project we ventured into the field of archaeology to produce physical architectural models about the spatial transformation of St. Mary’s Church site across two millennia.

The models were exhibited as part of a field-museum on site alongside the excavations, and were designed as investigative tools themselves. The multi-dimensional approach helped to communicate how the spaces of interest had changed over time, as well as enabled the team of archaeologists to creatively explore the site and its surrounding landscape, supporting the process of archaeological interpretation during the excavation, an unexpected but highly appreciated aspect of the outcome.

This was a collaborative live-project with L - P : Archaeology (working for Fusion-JV on behalf of HS2) for St. Mary’s Field Museum, which run between July and September 2021. The models featured in BBC’s ‘Digging for Britain’ programme on BBC1 (BBC i-player - Series 9- Episode 2).

Archaeology Achievement Awards 2021 (highly commended)
Winner UEL Public & Community Engagement Award 2022


Guy Hunt - L-P : Archaeology
Lily Hawker-Yates - L-P : Archaeology
Daisy Turnbull - L-P : Archaeology
Rachel Wood - Fusion - JV on behalf of HS2
Susan Greaney - English Heritage

Carsten Jungfer - Aboard and UEL
Fernanda Palmieri - Aboard and UEL

Aya Nasr, Busthana Nusren Odayapurath, Claudiu Theodor Cazan, Haleema Ahmed, Michael Ngam, Muhammad Tawfik

Support: L - P : Archaeology working for Fusion-JV on behalf of HS2 and, University of East London with special thanks to Paul Nichols, Rob Pyecroft, Daryl Brown, David Morgan and Mark Sowden.

Status: complete (June - Sept. 2021)